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One of the best features of the subdivision is its well-organized homeowner’s association. The organization was founded in 1992 and since then, the officers have successfully implemented various activities. Most of the social gatherings target family bonding and community building. They host basketball tournaments to promote sports among the residents and Zumba sessions for health-conscious individuals. Their “Banat Buto” program has successfully engaged both young and adults to go into physical activities. Other activities are exclusive for homeowners although visitors may be allowed only after securing permission from the association. 

The residents are very active in organizing social gatherings that they even go out-of-town together. They have one informal group called the “Park Boys” who go on outing from time to time. Their regular getaway is proofs of the close-knit bonding of the community. They treat each other as family and for sure, this is the kind of community that you want to your kids to see. 

The club house has been the focal point of the subdivision. Aside from being the regular venue for their association’s meeting, it also serves as setting for special occasions. The highly functional and aesthetic look is attractive for birthdays, wedding and baptismal receptions. The spacious multi-purpose hall can address your typical hesitations of having small backyard during large gatherings. With the clubhouse, you have an optional additional space to mingle with your guests and other homeowners. 

Another great feature of Villa Firenze subdivision is its elegant entrance gate and landscaped gardens.  The two mirrors the mixture of modern structural style and the beauty of nature. The architectural design adds to the overall value of the properties. When visitors enter, they are greeted by the luxurious feel and sophistication of both the landscaped gardens and the main entrance. Effort has been extended to enhance the bare land areas of the subdivision. There are a variety of plants and trees that keep up with the city’s clean and green project. 

Villa Firenze is one of the few subdivisions in the country that has multi-purpose courts for basketball, badminton and tennis. There is also an available jogging path for runners. These amenities are evidence that homeowners value the importance of an active lifestyle. Playing these sports are not just for recreation but also for health reasons. The regular basketball league serves as opportunity for the neighborhood to bond. You can put your athletic spirit in a higher level by engaging with these different sports. 

Do you know that children’s playground is crucial for the development of your kids? Playing with other kids has positive impact to the overall development of children. Instead of using gadgets in your home for the whole day, you can help them in going to the playground to meet other kids in the neighborhood. The well-maintained play area promotes outdoor activities to nurture the maximum growth of children. 

A minimal homeowner’s association fee is required from each homeowner. The money is used to pay for the maintenance of the subdivision, security measures implemented and electrical and water consumption for common areas. For financial reports, the monthly expenses are posted on the community’s bulletin board located in the clubhouse and the main entrance. If you have queries, the association’s officers are available to address your concerns.

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