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Villa Firenze Subdivision is adjacent to Tierra Pura and Tierra Bella. The secured neighborhood is perfect for raising your kids. The cut of the lots gives you the freedom for more space. There are lots available bigger than 350 square meters. You may also wish to purchase a house and lot for ready occupancy. You can find Mediterranean inspired houses and modern-style. For example, one property is a 5-bedroom house that is fit for a bigger family. If you still can’t decide on what to get, contact your real estate broker and schedule a visit to see the place in person. 

When buying a property, you want to make sure that there are reputable schools in the area where you can enroll your kids. This is good news because Villa Firenze has a wide array of choices. Public and private schools alike are conveniently located in the area. Public schools like the Culiat Elementary School and Tandang Sora Elementary School are a few minutes from the main entrance of the subdivision. 

For university education, you can reach the University of the Philippines (UP) in less than 20 minutes (6.5 km).  UP is one of the top-ranking schools in the country and 48th in Asia. You can send your brilliant college students here to get quality education. Because this is a state university, students only pay minimal fees. They offer over 200 and over 300 bachelor and post-graduate degree programs. 

Another possible option is the New Era University. With only 5 km distance, you can get there in about 17 minutes. If you have more budget, Ateneo de Manila University is 9.3 km or 25 min. drive from Villa Firenze. The university is famous among the socialites in the country. If you have more generous budget, you can enroll your kids here. 

In case you get tired of home-cooked meals, there is a plethora of food establishment in the area. From street foods to fast food restaurants and fine dining places, you will never run out of choices. For quick meals, you can find Mc Donald’s and Jollibee just at the entrance of Tierra Bella Subdivision.

On weekends when you have more time, try visiting dessert café along Tandang Sora Avenue and unwind in their relaxing ambiance. For your quick grocery shopping, there are Puregold shops around the area. The nearest is only 750 meters away. You may also consider going to Shopwise Commonwealth (4.3 km) if you have other needs. Shopping malls are also conveniently located within the vicinity of Villa Firenze. For example, SM North is about 5 km away while Trinoma is 4.4 km. You only have to go to EDSA, the main road that will lead you to these major malls. EDSA is also the exit point for provincial buses going to Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite and Laguna. 

Let’s not forget your recreational activities. Although, you can have your regular afternoon strolls within the subdivision, going to Quezon City Memorial Circle is also another option. It is only 15 minutes or 5.2 km via Commonwealth Avenue. Quezon City Memorial Circle is a popular destination for families. It is a National Park that allows picnic and food trips in the area. There is also a museum to feed your hungry mind about the rich culture of the country. 

For practicing Catholics, churches like St. Michael the Archangel (9.2 km) and St. Peter’s Cathedral (7.3 km) are very accessible. Mass schedules are available even online for you to prepare for your visit. There are English and Tagalog masses. Filipinos are known for their deep Catholic faith and by simply driving few more kilometers from Quezon City; you will surely find a number of other churches along the road. 

As for health care facilities, the nearest is the New Era hospital. It is only 4.5 km away or about 20 minute-drive. Although founded by certain religious groups, the facility is open to anyone. There are also smaller health care institutions near the village like Sant-Belmonte Domingo Multispecialty Clinic, Life Value Diagnostic and Medical Center, RLCT Mother and Child Hospital and OCW General Hospital. All of these are found along Tandang Sora Avenue. In case you have a medical emergency, you can make a call from any of these clinics and highly competent health workers are always available.

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