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There are important considerations when looking for a place to call your home. You should not only look into the price tag but check on the community as well. Evaluate crucial factors like safety, security, amenities, future valuation and nearby establishments. All of these things can either make or break your decision. 

Before you buy a property in other places, take a look at Villa Firenze Subdivision. The place has the good qualifications that will fit as a great investment for your hard-earned money. You can either purchase a lot or get the readily available houses for your own convenience. And since prices are rising fast, it is highly suggested that you decide quickly before costs double again. 

Location-wise, the village is the most secure. The main entrance is manned by trained security guards who ensure the safety of every homeowner. It is also surrounded by equally guarded subdivisions. In terms of possible natural calamities, you also have a peace of mind that flood and earthquake will not damage your investments. 

Amenities are well-thought of and fit for families who value recreation, health and community bonding. The jogging path and multi-purpose courts are perfect to keep you physically active while the playground is available to maximize your kid’s enjoyment. The regular community activities of homeowners are very attractive for buyers who look for friendship. 

Important establishments like schools, hospitals, shopping malls and restaurants are very accessible. You can drive around the area and within a few minutes, you get to your desired destination. There are also available public transport systems right outside the subdivision. 

The verdict for Villa Firenze is an astounding 5 star- recommendation. It is a perfect value for your money and much more. You get to belong to a big family that value peace, security, and relationships. It is a balanced combination of modern city living embedded with the traditional Filipino culture.


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